English Park英語手抄報資料

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English Park英語手抄報資料

English Park英語手抄報資料

English Park英語手抄報資料


    In Haimen there is a park. It’s a big and beautiful park. It has two gates. They are the North Gate and the West Gate. Many people park their bikes in front of the gates.
  There is a shop at the North Gate. When you go into the park through the North Gate, you will find a large square on your right and you will see lots of trees and flowers around you. In the west of the park, there is a playground.
  Sometimes some children fly kites on it and some people sit on the grass and chat. In the middle of the park, there is a lake. There are many boats on it. There is a hill in the east of the park.
  The park is very beautiful. I love it very much. Will you come to visit it some day?

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